Power to Modernize

Your Supply Chain Solutions

  • Supplymint provides a platform to
    achieve cost optimizations for allocating inventory.


  • Using advanced machine learning algorithms,
    Supplymint forecasts a real time picture of
    demand geographically which improves
    your business metrics.

    Demand Planning

  • Supplymint provides a customized portal
    which enables administrator for an efficient
    user access management.


  • Supplymint provides a well-managed
    vendor portal wherein user can customize their
    contracts & policies

    Vendor Management

  • Supplymint provides visual insights to
    help plan and optimize the allocation of warehouse
    inventory and maximize profits


  • Supplymint helps streamline the procurements
    through our inbuilt purchase indents
    and purchase orders


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Modernize Your SCM Business Processes


Prescriptive Visualization

  • Strategizing sales target for each store in
    line with trends.

  • Strategizing sales target for each store in
    line with trends.


Optimizing Procurement

  • Find similar products and their performance
    from previous seasons.

  • Order management in synchronization with
    vendors for providing regular alerts.


Precise Allocation

  • Automate planning and replenishment
    in Retail (Merchandise).

  • Insights into possible planning and replenishment
    options to optimize Supply Chain Cycle.


Monitor Performance

  • Monitor product’s performance
    for each store.

  • Quickly test out hypothesis with current
    data on a visual interface.


Data Insights

Visual insights through past sales’ data,
catalogue and other data on the go.

No more downloading several reports and
switching across screens.

Load Management

Time and cost optimization through
preference orders of delivery.

Allows optimal delivery of products on
the shops from warehouse.

Real Time Visualization

Identifying the outliers, trends and seasonality
to get actionable insights in time.

Real Time visualization of your product’s
seasonal performance.

Forecasting & Recommendations

Meeting product’s demand and optimizing warehouse
inventory using advanced Machine
Learning Algorithms.

Decreasing inventory waste and streamlining
inventory management to optimize your
business performance.

Cloud Based Secure Services

Time and cost optimization through preference
orders of delivery.

Allows optimal delivery of products on the
shops from warehouse.

Why Supplymint?

Smart planning and

  • Customer and product integration
    for smart services

  • Adaptive and agile supply chain with rapid
    planning and integrated execution

  • Demand-driven planning and optimized
    business operation mode.

  • Smart logistics and highly automated
    business planning.

Improve Business

  • Reduces the risks of excess and
    obsolete inventory

  • Revenue Growth

  • Higher Inventory Turnover Ratio.

  • Higher Returns on Investment.

Increased Productivity

  • Increased on demand productivity and
    faster delivery

  • Hassle free sharing of data, plans & insights
    for faster collaboration

  • Implementing a strong risk-management

  • Harnessing Technology Potential.


  • New technologies such as predictive
    and preventive analytics

  • Decreases error potential to tackle problems
    before they actually occur

  • Product flow optimization for efficient path
    from its creation to the customer.

  • Safety stock optimization to safeguards against
    out-of-stock scenarios.


  • Increased visibility along all processes and
    for all supply chain partners

  • Avoids duplicates of work and eliminates
    redundant data

  • Managing end-to-end supply chain transparency.

  • Increases customer satisfaction.

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