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Catalogue Management.

Boost procurement efficiency with streamlined digital catalog management!

Simplify your sample selection process with digital catalog management for easy and quick approvals.

Trusted by 1k+ businesses

Designed For Modern

Empowering Collaboration, Streamlining Operations, and Maximizing Productivity for Today's Agile Workforce.

Highly Adaptable to Ever-Evolving Markets

We assure that our platform stays flexible enough to adapt to multiple use cases and simultaneously keeps operations easy for all users, with various configurations.

We envision adding many more features to our platform and supporting businesses of diverse sizes as they grow and evolve.

One Place for Teams & Vendor Collaboration

We design use cases for all kinds of users in the supply chain including all team members and vendors.

We believe a team can move mountains and that’s why we find better ways to make it possible for all kinds of users to collaborate on different topics such as order, procurement, tracking, and more.

Automated Escalations, Reminders, and Notifications

We push teams to take timely action via reminders on notifications and emails.

We make it possible for all users to escalate over comments for quick resolutions.

Inform concerned team members of any dependency, important updates, or movement, via notifications and email.

100% Cloud-Based

We store and compute all data on our cloud servers to help you get over hardware restrictions.

Lose user-dependency to sync or share data with teammates.

Seamless Integration with WMS, ERP, and more

We synchronize information across multiple systems with two-way integration with common warehouse management systems, ERPs, and more.

Detailed Reports and Analytics

We embed detailed reports and analytics all across our system to help you measure the effectiveness of various activities.

Easy Sample Creation

Create catalogue with basic product descriptions

Upload multiple images, videos and documents

Manage Product Cost sheet and Fabric details

Choose from Diversified Catalog

Single platform to view all vendors catalogue.

Informative view with product images and descriptions.

Multiple filters to choose from selected options.

Sample Request with Cost Sheet and Fabric Details

Create a catalog for the required products.

Select vendors for sample requests, cost sheet and fabric description.

Get the instant update of sample dispatch.

Sample QR Code

Automated QR Code generation for all the product.

Get all product lifecycle details in single Scan.

Improves sample monitoring and tracking.

Quick Approvals

Easy and Quick approvals for the selected samples.

Option to reject the sample.

Change request for any sample with in app suggestions and remarks.

Create Purchase Indent from Approved Samples

Save time by automating the indent creation process for approved samples.

Improves the team productivity and fasten the process.

Create wishlist and get Poll

Easy and Quick approvals for the selected samples.

Option to reject the sample.

Change request for any sample with in app suggestions and remarks.


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How can we digitalize the vendor sample approvals?

Is it possible to request vendors to share samples and cost sheet details?

Can we create a catalog through excel upload?

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