Style Bazaar is one of India’s original retail pioneers, Style Bazaar focuses on uniting lovers of style and fashion with its diverse offerings throughout their stores in India.

With a large customer base in India, the brand has over 80+ stores in the country and continues to deliver great shopping experiences to all its customers.

Shipment Tracking and Vendor Collaboration Challenges

– Human Errors: Style Bazaar spent way too much money and time on human resources which made potential efforts only to result in finding more errors. This was a major trouble for the company and their foremost reason to find our Vendor Portal.

– Lack of Approvals, Structure, and Communication: Discretion followed by employees at Style Bazaar made it tough for the company to follow a structured process with proper approval procedures and communication. To replace such inconvenient methods, the company needed a prompt solution

.– In-efficient Shipment Tracking: From raising a purchase order up till its goods received confirmation, Style Bazaar had to follow manual tracking processes. This became cost and time extensive, which was again a concern for the company.

To address these problem statements, our team of experts at Supplymint presented Style bazaar with a solution that worked out the best for them.

Supplymint’s Digital Solution for Style Bazaar

Supplymint is a digital end-to-end retail distribution management platform that connects all the core players of the value chain onto a single platform to enhance overall supply chain experiences and boost performance.

At Supplymint, we use technology to efficiently streamline digital planning and operations throughout the supply chain process.

Of the diverse modules created by Supplymint, DigiVend or Vendor Portal, is a single-panel solution for retailers, wholesalers, and vendors to digitally track shipments and collaborate with one another.

This solution was the best fit to address Style Bazaar’s challenges with the means to replace the slow-paced processes of placing, tracking, and managing orders from a variety of vendors. Not only this, DigiVend also looked after all the minor details of Style Bazaar’s orders and vendor collaboration activities with innovative and faster solutions.

With Supplymint’s Vendor Portal. Style Bazaar has now progressed its business with

Automated Processes: DigiVend’s automated solution takes care of recording all details of orders, ASNs, invoices, and LRs. It also carries out an automated notification procedure with which both the retailers/wholesalers and vendors are updated about all order activities.

Real-Time Shipment Tracking: DigiVend tracks all shipments for Style Bazaar in real-time. Their employees are notified about each move regarding their orders like pending inspection, ASN approval, invoice approval, gate entry received, and so on, that too, without any indulgence of personnel.

Reduced Human Errors: Earlier, a person at Style Bazaar was solely appointed for the purpose of manually filling in forms and sending them out to the vendors via emails. But now, this process has been simplified. Now, the appointed person just needs to check and evaluate details, that too, only if required.

“Our order tracking cost has reduced by 15% with Supplymint! We no longer worry about transparency, efficiency, or finding ways to maintain relationships with our vendors.” Mr. Shreyans Surana (Director)

Results Achieved

1. Less Manual work and resources used: After collaboration with supplymint, Style Bazaar has reduced their manual work and resources 

2. Tracking visibility: Since Supplymint, the visibility of operations of Style bazaar has increased. Everyone involved in the process is aware of the status of the POs, ASNs and in-transit goods. 

Style Bazaar Shares The Simplicity of Digitally Tracking Shipments from over 3016 Vendors with DigiVend

3. Feasibility of multiple integration: Supplymint offers feasibility of multiple integration dn because of that Style bazaar was able to use its third party applications with Supplymint to smoothen their functions even further. 

4. Easy operational flow: Earlier Style bazaar had a system of using excel sheets for their functions and supplymint has given them an option of downloading and uploading their reports in excel so that they can work in their comfort zone while digitizing their process. 

Did you Know?

– Until 2020, before using DigiVend for shipment tracking and vendor collaboration, Style Bazaar manually tracked and managed all orders from its diverse list of vendors over excel.

– Before using DigiVend, the team members at Style Bazaar followed discretion to process orders. With the introduction of DigiVend, this process simplified and the teams were able to follow approval-based processes.

– Earlier, Style Bazaar communicated with its vendors verbally whereas now they have a solution that lets them connect in real-time.

Highlight of the Partnership
Style Bazaar successfully tracked 5,296,547,626 shipments from over 3016 vendors across India through DigiVend between 2020 to 2022.
DigiVend has not only helped Style Bazaar in tracking shipments but has also ensured increase in productivity, quality improvement, reduced lead times, and more.

The Approach

We at Supplymint, tend to develop customized solutions for all our clients because we believe in helping them throughout their supply chain. We collaborated with Style bazaar in 2020 with DigiVend and have since been able to digitally track all their orders, with proper approvals, no risk of human errors, and convenient reports & analytics.

Today, Style Bazaar uses our best seller supply chain tool to build stronger alliances with vendors, maximize their gains and build a resilient supply chain.

“The implementation of DigiVend for Style Bazaar was not only unique for them but also for us. We replaced their entire manual shipment tracking process with automation. And if you asked me, I’d say there couldn’t have been a better time! When we began the implementation of DigiVend for Style Bazaar, the world was witnessing the shocks of the pandemic which ultimately led to a serious rise in demand for digital technologies.” CEO – Sumeet Agrawal, Supplymint