About Style Union

Style Union is a one stop solution for fashion enthusiasts who constantly want to try new and trending styles. They have a variety of women, men and kids wear and offer a huge range of accessories.

Their Supply Chain Challenges

1. Excessive Manpower
Style Union had to use too much human resources for their manual functions like warehouse inspection, ASN approvals etc. and this led to many human errors.

2. Unstructured Processes
Style Union had an unstructured process of their purchase order tracking. They had limited knowledge of ASNs and the quantity received by vendors was always unclear because of this.

3. Delayed deliveries
Style Union faced multiple delayed deliveries of its goods to retailers through manual tracking. These delayed deliveries affected their retailer relations and increased cancellations.

4. Higher costs
Before Supplymint, Style Union had a manual tracking system and the process of tracking purchase orders to final goods received in the warehouse was expensive. Their goods became expensive and profit margin went down because of these extra costs.

To address these problem statements, our team of experts at Supplymint presented Style Union with a solution that worked out the best for them.

Supplymint’s digital solution for Style Union

Supplymint is a digital end-to-end retail distribution management platform that connects all the core players of the value chain onto a single platform to enhance overall supply chain experiences and boost performance.

At Supplymint, we use technology to efficiently streamline digital planning and operations throughout the supply chain process.

Of the diverse modules created by Supplymint, DigiVend or Vendor Portal, is a single-panel solution for retailers, wholesalers, and vendors to digitally track shipments and collaborate with one another.

With Supplymint’s Vendor Portal. Style Union has now progressed its business with

1. Real time tracking
DigiVend tracks all shipments for Style Union in real time digitally. They are also notified about their pending inspections, ASN approval, gate entry received, and so on.

2. Reduced Human Errors
Features like automated inspection, Auto ASN approvals, barcode on box, item, and set reduces human errors to a great extent.

3. Improved Transparency
Style Union can view purchase order and shipment status in real time which creates transparency.

4. Smoother functions
With digital adoption, Style Union noticed that their functions were much smoother and had clarity on data.

5. Reduced Order Booking Time
Supplymint provided seamless integrations with the company’s third party logistics provider that tremendously reduced its order booking time.

6. Better Business Insights
Supplymint has helped Style Union with better business insights through dashboards and reports to analyze their growth in the business.

Results Achieved

1. Overall ROI Achieved:  400%
Order Delivery time reduced by: 15-20%
Inward Time reduced from Box ID by: 55%
Overall Purchase Cost saved by: 0.3% to 1.5%

Style Union shares that

With the introduction of DigiVend, they started using a barcode method to inspect their goods at warehouses.

1. Reduced manpower
Digivend has helped them reduce their manpower by automating their processes and functions which needed a lot of manpower like goods inspection.

2. Business insights
Supplymint has helped Style Union with better business insights through dashboards and reports so that they can enhance their productivity while consuming less time.

3. Organized process
Before Supplymint, all the processes of Style Union were done manually and in a very disorganized manner. After
successful implementation of DigiVend, all their processes became organized and productivity of their function improved.

4. Feasibility of multiple integration
Supplymint offers feasibility of multiple integration and because of that Style Union was able to use its third party
applications with Supplymint for organized processes and functions like logistics and that reduced its order booking

Highlight of the Partnership

Until 2021, before using DigiVend for shipment tracking and vendor collaboration, Style Union manually tracked and managed all orders from its diverse list of vendors over excel.

With Supplymint’s DigiVend Style Union has successfully tracked 7000+ shipments digitally from over 200 vendors across India through DigiVend between 2021 to 2022.

DigiVend not only helped Style Union in tracking shipments but also ensured productivity, transparency, and reduced manpower.


The Approach

At Supplymint, we focus on developing customized solutions for our clients because we believe in helping them throughout their entire supply chain journey. With Style Union, we began our collaboration in 2021 with our Purchase order tracking solution (DigiVend). With this successful collaboration, Style Union has successfully digitized its operations and they can track their purchase orders and shipment in real time, reduce human errors, improve transparency and productivity.

Today, Style Union is a renowned retailer with Supplymint’s most powerful tool which is not only giving them the ability to maximize their revenue but also build supply chain resilience.