Vendors are an integral part of a company’s success but all companies are burdened with multiple challenges while managing the vendor management process. Managing, creating and following up on various documents, contracts and payments are some of the challenges which come face with this process.  In order to overcome these challenges, companies should have a system in place which helps them manage various operations related to vendors and helps in maintaining relations with vendors.

One of the best ways to streamline all activities is to digitize the vendor management process. Every organization should invest in a vendor management system to create a hassle free, simplified system.

Here are some benefits of having a digital system in place:

  1.       Simple vendor on-boarding process:

Traditional vendor management processes take a lot of time while on-boarding new clients. Digitized vendor management systems can shorten the on-boarding time, therefore improving productivity and cutting down costs. With a vendor management system, organizations can obtain vendor information easily at a centralized location. Details such as the vendor’s bank account number, order capacity, and regulatory data can be easily acquired and accessed with a centralized vendor management system. This approach makes the process of vendor on-boarding quick and error-free.

  1. Reduced risks and costs: 

In order to increase efficiency, reduce risk and unforeseen costs, a company has to increase visibility. Vendor management software can easily track suppliers and provide data which can identify supplier risks so that procurement managers can take necessary steps in mitigating them. Supplier information can easily be verified in systems through qualifications, track performance, and their financials so that managers can protect companies from risks and frauds. When there’s visibility, it becomes easy to reduce costs which get hidden in manual processes.

  1. Better documentation handling and payment process: 

Physical documentation makes it difficult to keep a track when the volume of documents increases. There is a chance that the documents can get misplaced or undergo wear and tear over time. Digitized vendor management system can help in having all documents at one place. The documents are easy to manage in a digital format and can be kept unaltered for the required period.

  1. Better vendor relations: 

Vendor relations improve through digital vendor management systems. It gives better business opportunities with multiple vendors, long lasting relations and accurate data. The collaborations with them become easy and manageable. It creates a loyal vendor base ensuring ample business opportunities and a more resilient supply chain.

  1. Ease of creating and managing shipments: 

With a digitized vendor management system creating and managing shipments becomes easy. All the data related to Purchase indents, purchase orders, inventory is stored at one platform for visibility and traceability. All vendors get customizable formats to create their purchase indents and orders quickly and hassle free. Uploading catalogues on such systems gets vendors more sales and reach among existing customers. It becomes very easy for them to keep track of their shipment with respective retailers.  

In today’s age, when there are no economical and geographical boundaries, companies can work with multiple vendors spread across different parts of the globe easily by digitizing vendor’s management process. It has become easy to improve accountability, increase opportunity, and build stronger professional relations. It requires implementing advanced software solutions in workplaces. Supplymint can help create customizable solutions that can easily integrate with logistics solutions, enabling efficient workflow starting from PI creation to goods being shipped.